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Service Items

 1、Maintenance Yearly

Conducting a comprehensive maintenance for lifting equipment and ensure the equipment safety and normal use, to ensure that the customer production line won't be affected by equipment deficiency.
According to the model to set up the professional maintenance plan, all maintenance work will be done in the production intermission;
To fully guarantee the safety of the equipment operation
According to the product characteristics, periodic lubrication, fastening, check debugging, made our products to achieve a best running status;
Through the our maintenance service extend life of the product.

2、Breakdown Rescue

Really based on customer needs, provide diversified repair service, include door-to-door service, telephone support, a variety of services such as fax support mode
"Genma" engineering service team response to customer query within 2 hours.

• Time required by the engineer to reach to the site for repairing
• Nantong region scope, arrive in 6 hours
• In jiangsu province and Shanghai, arrive in 12 hours
• Within 1000 km, arrive within 24 hours
• 1000 km away, arrive in 36 hours

3、The engine overhaul

Genma repair features:
• Maintenance experience. Maintenance of lifting equipment covers the shipbuilding, shipping, automobile, metallurgy, nuclear power, Marine engineering and other industries;
• The repair rate is low. The repair rate of an equipment is low, even beyond the warranty period, and rarely appear similar fault recurrence phenomenon.
• Technical ability. The powerful technical support is vital to ensure the normal operation of user equipment. RHM technology center has all kinds of technical engineers, electrical engineers, welding engineers, mechanical engineers and paint engineers etc. formed to cover more senior title and all kinds of professional talents structure, multi-level talent echelon.

4、lifting Equipment

Provide all kinds of bridge crane, port machinery, Marine crane professional service for the transport or dismantled
we ensure that:
• No damage is cause to the material during handling.
• Science switching scheme, manufacture the equipment put it into use within the shortest possible time period;
• Safe and orderly, strict and traceability process control

5、Provide professional accessories or procurement service.

According to the customer product type, characteristic and running environment, set the most appropriate accessories options by the "Genma" engineering service team, and for installation.
Mainly includes:
• Design accessories, such as hook group and wheels, drum set etc
• Integrated accessories: such as motor, reducer, brake, etc
• Electrical accessories: such as control systems, cockpit and related accessories

6、Technical Support

To provide customers with professional solutions of all kinds of lifting equipment and various training and consulting services, including.
• Provide architecture plan of docks, workshop, storage yard
• The equipment management department for maintenance training
• Do operation training for product service personnel, to ensure that the equipment can normal operation after the production
• Provide the price consultation service for all kinds of lifting product

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